February 07, 2020

All of these destinations have something for everyone! Ranging from beautiful city architecture to old ruins to relaxing nature scenes.

  1. Cuba

For a classic experience, tour a city of your choice by enjoying anold car ride or soak up all the Spanish colonial town,Trinidad, has to offer. Take a chill pill and relax in aCenote and enjoy the local cuban cuisine.


    2. Mexico City

Looking for an outdoor city central, museums, parks, and history galore? Mexico city is your place. The vibrant atmosphere and exciting nightlife are guaranteed to keep you out and about. Be sure to check outZócalo,Bosque de Chapultepec,Museo Nacional de Antropología, and of course theHistoric center of Mexico City.


    3. Vietnam

Vietnam has so much to offer, I could list places and sights for hours. For a completely unreal experience make your way down theHalong Bay, tour the ancient city ofHoi An, or saunter around the buzzingHo Chi Minh City.


   4. Columbia, South Carolina

Take a stroll at theColumbia Canal and River Walk,take in the gorgeous outdoors atColumbia Riverfront Park, see the breathtaking architecture at theFirst Presbyterian Church or snap a picture of the Love Locks atLake Murray.


   5. Indonesia 

Home of volcanic mountains, rain forests, and a Pink beach, Indonesia is incredible! Let out your inner explorer at the Temple of Borobudur, capture the wildlife at theRainforest Canopy in Kalimantan, or hike at theLake Ijen Volcano.


   6. Georgia 

From canyons to caves to mountains to waterfalls, Georgia is full of it all. If you end up here, definitely check outMountain Ushba,Gegskiy Waterfall, andUplistsiche Cave Town.


    7. Richmond, Virginia

In Richmond, Virginia, it's almost impossible to run out of things to do and see. Enjoy a scenic tour by booking aRiverfront Canal Cruise, soak up all the views atTexas Beach, or wander through theGarden and Liberty Trail.

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Size chart


Face Size Guideline

Face Size(Temple to Temple) Suggested Frame/Sunglasses Size
Below 115mm or below 4.5 inches Small
115mm or 4.5 inches Small
121mm or 4.75 inches Medium
127mm or 5 inches Medium
130mm or 5.125 inches Medium
135mm or 5.25 inches Medium
152mm or 6 inches Large
Above 152mm or above 6 inches Large


Framing Size

Frame Size Eyeglasses Sunglasses
Small below 48mm below 55mm
Medium 48mm-55mm 56mm-64mm
Large  Above 55mm Above 64mm


Find your current frame size

You may also use a pair of sunglasses you currently own to determine your best size. Frame sizing is typically noted on the inside of either temple (see illustration below). The eye/lens size is usually first, then the bridge size, then temple size. Use the eye/lens size to determine the best frame size.

The eye size is typically going to be the most important size for identifying how a pair of sunglasses will look. The eye size number measures the width of the lens, measured from the bridge, in millimeters. The bridge width is the distance between the lenses in millimeters. And the third number is the length of the temple in millimeters.

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