Do you have what it takes to be a #Glimmerstar? Are you the #fashionista who can literally rock anything?! Do you have your own style that is admired by others?? If that’s you, we want you to join the GlimmerSpectacles' squad!


Here's how to start:

GlimmerSpectacles Promoter Program

Our Promoter Program is a huge part of our marketing strategy. The program is designed for girls that love our Accessories and want to help us grow. We are on the look out for up and coming social media stars that want to join the early stages of our company so that we can grow together.

Perks Of The Program

  • Exclusive 25% Off Discount
  • Your Own Discount Code That Gives You & Your Followers 10% Off
  • Earn Cash Rewards For Every Sale 
  • Access To Our Community Of 1000+ promoters
  • Higher Chance of Getting Featured on Our Website and our forever growing Social Medias

Requirements :

  • Be Active On Social Media, not just for us, but overall
  • In-order to stay an active promoter, you need to get atleast 1 use of the promo code we make for your audience. This use must be an actual promo code use
  • The code needs to be used within 1year(365 days) of making it to stay Active
  • Share Pictures of GlimmerSpectacles Accessories and help promote among your following
  • Purchase At least 1 of GlimmerSpectacles Product(s)
  • Must Be 15 years of age or older

How To Join

If you arent contacted by us we recommend these 3 steps to get aware of our attention.

  1. Provide full name, social media account info, and email address
  2. Provide a brief description on why you believe you would be a good promoter
  3. Email Applications to